Monday, June 30, 2008

Silly Fashion

I love questionable fashion trends. And I’ve succumbed to quite a few of those in my teen days: tie-dye shirts, Buddha beads, feathered shrugs (eeeek!), oh and those so ubiquitous clunky black platforms that make orthopedic shoes look positively sleek.
In more recent times I’ve toned it down a bit but I still veer off to the left side of crazy every once in a while. I purchased a pair of Ziggy Stardust-worthy silver leggings that I’ve only worn once tho I still really really want to wear them again. Some trends tho, I covet but know better than to try since I’m pretty sure it’s all going to look very silly 6 months from now.

Jumpers/Onesies/Rompers- whatever you want to call them they’re still the same. I tried one on at H&M and was so enamored with it that I almost bought it. Almost. Alas, I didn’t have any money at the time which in the end was Godsend because now I’d be running around in a black linen jumper with 50-dollars less in my bank account. I don’t know why they appeal to me so much…maybe it’s my inner-child that wants to get out

Latex Leggings- again, almost bought a pair from AA last winter. Rihanna rocks them, that’s for sure. I’d look ridiculous because I’m not a pop star.

Open-toed booties- they look cute on all those fashionistas out there in LA but seriously they’re not practical. It’s either your toes are freezing or the rest of you is sweating. They’re not waterproof either.

Super-strappy sandals- while I wholly embrace the gladiator sandal, some just go way way way too far with the trend….like 15 straps too far. Mary Kate and Ashley are fans (seriously, I wrote “are A fan” as if they were one person). Don’t attempt unless you’re an Olsen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Man Candy

John Legend being John Legend. I can't think of many guys that can pull off pink on pink but John looks soooo dapper. In a recent interview he said he likes Jeff Buckley's "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" which is one more reason to adore him as that is also one of my favorite J.B. songs.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Man Candy

I want to marry Fabrizio Moretti because I love messy-haired musicians who don't seem to give a fuck about their appearence. And also because he plays drums like this...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Are All The Moddles White?

The new issue of Vogue Italia features only black models in its fashion editorials and articles pertaining to black culture and art. How is it that a European magazine is so open-minded when it comes to race and American magazines are not? You’re hard-pressed to find a black or Asian model in any major fashion magazine here in the US. European designers also have a tradition of consistently casting black girls too: Yves Saint Laurent (Iman), Gianni Versace (Naomi Campbell), and Karl Lagerfeld (Kimora Lee, Chanel Iman.)

Europe is much less diverse, color-wise than the United States and yet you can find many more black and Asian models that get major campaigns and shows. I call bullshit on the American fashion industry. Stop the white-washing. The world is full of amazingly beautiful women of ALL ethnicities. We need more diversity in our magazines so as to accurately reflect the full range of human skin tone, hair color and texture, eye color and eye shape.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Man Candy

The cutest rapper to emerge out of Chicago since…well, ever. Love him, and his music.
Go baby. Go, go baby.
See you at Lolla, hopefully.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Angsty Guide to NYC

My trip to NYC this past weekend reminded me of how much I love the city and how much I hate tourists. In Chicago, at least, I don’t have to deal much with tourists as far as my regular routine is concerned. In NY, however, you’re constantly battling an onslaught of sightseers. It’s hideous to say the least. Most tourists are instantly recognizable to the trained eye and they are universally despised by city-dwellers. There is a particular breed of tourists that arouses feeling of hatred and anger more than any other. You know what I’m talking about: the ones from Anywhere, USA. They don’t abide by the unspoken city rules and consequently get treated as such.

So here are a few tips for NYC-bound travelers. They’re really easy to follow and should drastically improve the quality of your trip.

Dress for the place you’re at. One thing that sets tourists apart from New Yorkers is the way they dress. Fanny packs, I “heart” NY tshirts, clunky gym shoes. That is not appropriate attire for a cosmopolitan city. Fanny packs, especially, are an invitation to getting mugged or cheated. So it’s best to try and blend in, rather than stand out. Check out some street fashion blogs ( for some inspiration.

Don’t linger in the street. People HATE it when an obnoxious tourist walks in front of them and abruptly stops to take pictures or when they consult their maps in the middle of the fucking street. If you must do that, go into a coffee place (there are at least 5 on any city block) and sit down, get a drink, and figure out where you’re going. Or just simply ask, nicely, and we’ll give you directions.

When eating out, avoid the obvious tourist traps such as anything in Times Square. In fact, don’t even GO to Times Square. It’s a waste of time. Buy a postcard from somewhere instead. There are thousands of amazing restaurants in the city. Whether you’re in the mood for French, Italian, Chinese, or plain old American food there’s something for everyone. My pics? Cozy Soup and Burger for delicious late-night fare, Congee Village and Xo Kitchen for the cheapest, most delicious Chinese food (there’s no “Orange chicken” here, so consider yourself warned.) My favorite Italian place is Puttanesca on 9th and 57th. The prices are reasonable and the fresh pasta is divine. But they only take cash or American Express (I found this out the hard way.) Brunch is a time-honored tradition so Sunday morning get yourself to the Upper West Side or the villages and indulge in eggs benedict and mimosas. They are they best hangover cure.

NYC is a walking city. Everyone walks or takes the subway. In case of late night inebriation, cabs are the way to go. Don't complain about the rats/garbage/heat as there's nothing you can do about it. So make like a New Yorker and walk, walk, walk. It's the best way to see the city anyway. In case you get too far, there's always a subway stop within 5 blocks.

Hope this was somewhat helpful and that it didn't put off too many people. NY is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer, if only you go in with a positive attitude, a platinum credit card, and no fanny packs.

Fashion Shot of the Day

I don’t think that there’s anything earth shatteringly inventive or avant garde about this outfit but therein lays its beauty. It’s simple and stunning, the perfect illustration of the brilliance and versatility of a good dress. Dresses for summer are a no-brainer. How else can you look put together with as little effort as possible and still stay cool in the sweltering heat? The length is absolutely ideal and the color and pattern are very flattering. I’m a big fan of orange for summer, it works well with a tan and unlike, say, yellow, it’s an easy color to wear. The white pattern makes it more interesting. With dresses it’s best to not over-accessorize, it can look contrived. In keeping with the easy, breezy (yeah, Molly Sims is a Cover Girl) style of the dress, opt for a nice long necklace or dangly earrings, never both. The brown peep toe shoes are adorable and keep the focus on that gorgeous dress.

As for hair, I thoroughly approve of the tousled waves but a casual ponytail would work just as well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Same Angst, Different City

So as a lot of you already know, I'll be moving back to NYC in August, after a one year hiatus. Not to worry, I'll be just as opinionated (if not more so) as I already am. New York brings out my inner bitch like no other place on earth. I will forever hold a torch for Chicago tho. Ok, maybe not a torch but one of those annoying birthday candles that you can never blow out.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Man Candy

Speaking of meat, James Franco is one delicious piece of prime rib man candy.

Meat is Good

I have a very half-assed theory that life’s pleasure can be measured in calories. Generally speaking, the more calories a certain food item has the more enjoyable it is. For example: a low-fat turkey burger v. a regular, fatty beef burger (and I’m not talking about that frozen shit either). So my theory has a lot of holes in it since low-cal food CAN be absolutely delicious but that’s why I said it’s half-assed in the first place.

My point is that I love to eat. Eating good food is up there among life’s biggest pleasures alongside sex and particularly good books. People say that you should eat to live, not the other way around, and I say “Fuck that!” I live to eat. Give me medium rare steaks, mussels in white wine sauce, escargots in garlic butter, foie gras, poached salmon, pork tenderloin, shrimp alfredo, duck confit, pommes frites, and as much mayo and butter that can be possibly ingested and I’ll be the happiest person alive. Sure, all this food excess is not without negative side effects. Like senior year of college when I gained at least 15 pounds thanks to a steady diet of fried pub food and beer, washed down with the occasional bottle of red wine. Or when I gorged on corned beef and chopped liver at 2nd Ave. Deli. Or the many, many times when I threw up after a particularly fun night of binge drinking. But is a little nausea or vomiting going to stop me? Hell no. I soldier on, eating my way through burgers, chocolate cakes, pad thai, and potato gratin like it’s my business.

There is no food that’s off limits for me and nothing pisses me off more than picky eaters. And vegetarians with hoity-toity attitudes of superiority. Humans were born to eat meat and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So maybe my daily diet is not exactly a meat-fest but when it’s time to bring my A-game to the table I bring it. Yeah, my body might temporarily go into ketosis but that’s a small price to pay for enjoying sublime food. I eat whatever strikes my fancy and I feel really bad for people who religiously plan their meals everyday and count calories and fat content. That’s no way to live. I’ll try anything once because how will I know if I’ll like something if I never try it? I’ll just as happily eat at the local Mexican joint where they serve up fried burritos and enchiladas con mole as I’ll eat at a four-star restaurant where everything is drenched in truffle oil and foie gras. What I won’t eat is ridiculously over-processed food like American “cheese.” That shit is not even food and should be banned.

This quote by Anthony Bourdain, complete asshole, elitist, ex-junkie, and one of my personal heroes sums it up best:

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.”

from Kitchen Confidential

Monday, June 9, 2008

Man Candy

Give me a man with a guitar and I'll be happy. Give me a spot at a top law school and a full ride and I'll DEFINITELY be happy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sexy- RIP

I'm over people using the word "sexy" to describe everything from underwear to abstract philosophical concepts. Blame it on Victoria’s Secret or Bret Michaels or Justin Timberlake for abusing this word to the point where it lost all its meaning. Shall we take a look at the dictionary definition of the word? Yes, let’s.

1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex, risqué.
2. sexually interesting or exciting, radiating sexuality.
3. excitingly appealing, glamorous.

Not a bad word, really, if used properly. Notice that it’s only the third and final definition that doesn’t directly relate to sex and sexuality. I think that we should restrain ourselves from using “sexy” in all contexts other than sexual ones. Lingerie and clothing can be sexy, so can a guy's musuclar back or a woman's toned legs. Those are all appropriate usages of the word. But when advertisers decide to splash the word onto every single fucking thing you can buy it's starting to get a little annoying. Likewise, when Wall Street Journal articles start using the word to describe profit increases it's time for concern.
I’m probably guilty of what I’m accusing others of doing but as of right now I’m going to think before spewing out a “sexy” tirade. Bottom line is that “sexy” is just a really lazy-ass way to describe something and that’s really, well…not sexy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Attack of the Khaki Klones

If that sounds like the name of a camp horror movie it’s because it might as well be. For some reason the climbing temperatures bring out the legions of pleat-front khaki wearing men. When walking down the street one is confronted with a veritable army of drab. Goddamn the Gap and their aggressive ad campaigns on the mid-90s in which they tried to push khakis onto EVERYONE. It seems to have really caught on with the male. I’m not opposed to the idea of khaki pants per se because they can look good if they have a flat-front and are paired with a cool linen shirt or blazer. Oh yes, and they are not wrinkled or worn with those loafers not even my grandpa would buy (my grandpa, btw, is a very stylish man who has a thing for fedoras and trench coats a la The Untouchables which he pulls off because he's part old school way of dressing)

Yes, He Can

The battle was epic. The spoils of victory are sweet. Last night, Barack Obama secured the long overdue Democratic party’s nomination for president making him the first non-white male to lead on a major party ticket. While part of me is slightly sad that Clinton did not win (would have loved to see a woman as president) I have to admit that I’m ecstatic about this. There’s finally someone who can inspire real change and breathe some fresh air into the musty American political landscape. This election cycle has been, aside from the uncalled for cheap shots and pastor controversies, about breaking down racial and sexual barriers. As early as ten years ago this was only a beautiful but possibly unattainable dream.
I’m once again proud to be a Democrat!

And for the record, I don't think that Hillary Clinton is the establishment's candidate as she has been portrayed. The establishment is a bunch of crusty white guys sitting around and smoking cigars while plotting how to continue ruling the world (conspiracy theory much?) and Hillary is anything but that. Had she won the nomination I would have voted for her without hesitation. I am dismayed at the media's egregious attack on her. For some reason the issue of sexism has not really been discussed and has been generally glossed over in favor of its more prominent cousin, racism. Both are equally bad and both should be addressed from now on. What Hillary has done here is pave the way for women in politics and in no way is this is a "defeat."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dream Team?

Can this really be?? AP reports that Hillary Clinton told Washington colleagues that she'd be open to be Obama's VP. The return of the Dream Team! This may actually be a good thing because she might appease certain disgruntled voters.
Where does this leave Edwards?

The Enemy of All That's Good and Holy in the World

How do I hate thee, Nickelback? Let me count the ways.
I actually only hate Nickelback because they and their music sucks. All of their songs sound EXACTLY the same: the same chord progression, the same rhythm, and the same mind-numbingly stupid lyrics. Here’s a sample of their eloquence:

“Look at this photograph

Everytime I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
And what the hell is on Joey's head.”

What is that even supposed to mean? Nickelback is the carefully packaged product of the same record industry that has produced other musical gems such as Creed and Daughtry. Thank god Creed is now defunct because it makes choosing the worst band currently in existence that much easier. (hint: it starts with an N)
Now I’m not some kind of musical elitist since I listen to a wide range of genres and everyone’s entitled to have their opinion. But with all due respect, if you like Nickelback then you’re a fucking retard. No disrespect to the mentally handicapped.

Some bands out there I have a smidge of respect for because even though they fail, at least they try to do something different. But Nickelback churns out the same festering turd of a song time and time again. Bands like Radiohead, for example, do have a distinct sound that makes them undeniably recognizable but they’re also innovative musically, always pushing the envelope. The only thing that Nickelback manages to push is my buttons.

My question is: Who listens to this music?? I mean, some people have to purchase their records since they’re doing so well. I don’t want to believe that Americans, as a whole, have such shitty-ass taste in music. I need some answers!

Bret Michaels Has Great Taste In Music

And now something completely different. In my constant struggle to avoid work (it takes more stamina and perseverence than one may think), I came across Bret Michaels’ list of top summer songs on It’s wonderfully bad! I mean, he fulfilled the stereotype of a stripper-loving, meathead and his choice of music in no way detracts from it.

1.Sweet Home Alabama- the only song I can actually get behind. This is in fact a classic.
2. You Shook Me All Night Long- maybe if I’m seriously sloshed
3. Anything But Mine- Kenney Chesney who? Oh right, that dude who married Renne Zelwegger for a hot minute.
4. Feels Like Tonight- Daughtry…barf
5. Cowboy- Kid Rock was last popular….never?
6. Photograph/Rockstar- Nickelback embodies everything wrong with the music business today.

On a side note, he is and was so horribly unattractive. He wasn't hot even during Poison's heyday. Give me Jon Bon Jovi anytime. And what is up with the bandana/extensions combo? Even though the guy's a total douche his show is endlessly entertaining. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Rock of Love 3 because I want to see how they're going to top Rock of Love 2 (maybe all the contestants will be strippers/porn stars?)


This Democratic primary is getting more and more about pettiness and less and less about the qualifications and policies of the candidates. Case in point: the latest article in Vanity Fair attacking Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton!! Last I checked, he was not running for president. But the purpose of the article is not to expose Clinton’s womanizing ways but to somehow undermine Hillary’s candidacy. Everyone knows that Bubba’s no saint so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Frankly, I don’t think that Hillary even gives a damn about what he does because she’s got her eye on the prize here.

Same goes for people claiming that if Obama gets the nomination they’ll vote for McCain. WTF? Are you fucking mental? You’d rather vote for a geriatric Republican than a black man? There’s something seriously wrong with some people in this country if they’re going to be so near sighted to vote ANOTHER Republican into the White House. Maybe the US is not as progressive as we'd all like to believe. Whatever happened to discussing policy instead of picking candidates based on which end of the color spectrum they fall?

Lastly, Florida…what a hot mess. So they’re pissed that their votes might not count. Hmmm, let me think here. Florida was the star of the political debacle known as Election 2000 and it's messing up now too. Yeah, you know what fuckers…your votes SHOULDN’T count because you suck at this democratic electoral process. You were given a chance to vote with the rest of the country and you chose to do your own thing and now look what happens- it may have cost Clinton the nomination. There, I said it. So shut the fuck up Florida and go back to making orange juice.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bitch and the City

Sometimes I really like Sarah Jessica Parker (like when she called out Maxim magazine naming her the least attractive woman on the planet) and sometimes I really don’t. This is about the latter. She made such a big fucking deal over her SATC premiere dress. Apparently, Olivier Theyskens (creative director of Nina Ricci) assured her that her dress had never been worn before. It turns out that he was lying and that some no-name socialite wore it to the Met Ball. So what? First of all, NOBODY even remembers seeing the dress before. You’re Sarah Jessica Parker for fuck’s sake so if anyone down the line will wonder who wore that dress, most likely they’ll think of you and not some socialite. How incredibly shallow of you (not to mention that the dress was most likely free!) I held you to a higher standard and you’ve let me down.

Label Lust

Manolo Blahnik? So “Sex and the City” circa 2002. Christian Louboutin? Overexposed already. My newest shoe obsession is French designer Barbara Bui. She also designs some fabulous clothes and handbags but the shoes!...oh, the shoes are spectacular. They are sexy yet feminine, tough yet sophisticated. Yes, in my Carrie-esque fantasy I could afford to prance around all day in them. Like these platform gladiators- so very rock’n roll. Hmm…I can just imagine pairing them with black opaque tights, a floaty white dress, and a tailored black coat. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw.
Or how about those cream colored peep toes with red straps? Seriously high on style and would add a dose of edginess to just about anything. Can someone lend me 650 dollars please?

Fashion Shot of the Day

As much as I hate saying this, Ashley Olsen almost always looks kinda good, unlike Mary Kate who looks like even the bag lady would take pity on her. I really love what Ashley did with this ensemble. The miniskirt/long blazer combo is really hard to pull off without seeming like you forgot your pants at home. The proportions are damn near perfect. She breaks up the look with the long grey tshirt and a mismatched brown clutch. And check out those shoes! So hot. Gigantic sunglasses and behead hair complete the look. I’m giving this an “A.”

Man Candy

Rafael "Rafa" Nadal will win his fourth consecutive French Open title this year. It will happen, mark my words. He's the king of clay courts and not even Federer's suave moves can stop him. I like that his trademark look on court is the bandana and sleeveless shirt because damn, the boy has some sexy arms. He's one of the most talented players out there and with more time to refine his game he can be one of the greatest in history.