Monday, June 2, 2008

Label Lust

Manolo Blahnik? So “Sex and the City” circa 2002. Christian Louboutin? Overexposed already. My newest shoe obsession is French designer Barbara Bui. She also designs some fabulous clothes and handbags but the shoes!...oh, the shoes are spectacular. They are sexy yet feminine, tough yet sophisticated. Yes, in my Carrie-esque fantasy I could afford to prance around all day in them. Like these platform gladiators- so very rock’n roll. Hmm…I can just imagine pairing them with black opaque tights, a floaty white dress, and a tailored black coat. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw.
Or how about those cream colored peep toes with red straps? Seriously high on style and would add a dose of edginess to just about anything. Can someone lend me 650 dollars please?

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