Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lucky Answers All The Questions You Didn't Ask

Leave it to Lucky magazine to state the obvious. Today they give us "the perfect" beach cover up.
It's a sarong. How novel. It actually doesn't even go with any of the bikinis I own! Something in a solid color would have been a much better choice
. On the upside, it costs only 35 bucks. Not too bad.

Who are these people working at Lucky?

Fashion's Search for Authenticity

“Fashion magazines are always about some element of fantasy,” said Cindi Leive, the editor of Glamour, “but what I’m hearing from readers lately is that in fashion, as in every other part of our lives right now, there is a hunger for authenticity. Artifice, in general, feels very five years ago.”

This actually brings up the question whether fashion is inherently inauthentic. Fashion takes its inspiration from authentic things like an African print and transforms it into something that’s manufactured, manipulated, and artificial. I think that the fashion industry should stop trying to create “authenticity” when it relentlessly pushes trends onto consumers. That’s the antithesis of “real”.

Personal style is authentic, fashion is not.

I don't know...I'm rambling. Haha