Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 23- 1 Week Left!

This is exiting! I'm on day 23 of no shopping. The weekend was tough because I kept going in and out of stores, trying stuff on. I almost ALMOST bought a pair of earrings from Forever 21 just for the hell of it but changed my mind. If I were to break the rule it would have to be over something better, not a pair of cheap earrings. You know, if you're gonna be bad, you better do it right.

In other news, I started posting outfits on and got selected for "Look of the Day." It's sortof a hobby to replace shopping. It also completely feeds into my sense of vanity. All the positive re-enforcement only makes me want to keep posting. Aye aye aye.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping My Own Closet

Haven't worn these jeans that often...they're light so they're not too appropriate for winter. But today was a good day to wear them. I like the pairing with the light gray cardi and white tank. I couldn't resist adding some black though. This blazer doesn't get much wear since it's part of a suit but I might take it out more often from now on.

So I'm on, 18. Damn. I think that's the longest I haven't shopped in many many many years. I feel pretty good actually. I miss shopping though...but I realized that I don't NEED it. My life is perfectly fine and fulfilling without it. It's kindof liberating!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 9

Over the weekend I entered into a contest for "best stripes look" solely because the prize was a 50 dollar giftcard to Forever 21. That would not qualify as shopping because I wouldn't be spending my own money. It's a GIFT! Sadly, my plans were thwarted as I didn't win :-(
But I should have...seriously, the winner was lame. This was my entry:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 7 and 200th Post!

YES! I made it through a week without any purchases. I almost slipped on Thursday because I was having a really depressing day and needed some retail therapy but thankfully I didn't see anything I really liked at Macy's.

Today was tough too since I went store hopping with a friend (the weather was amazing!) Zara, you temptress, stop having such amazing clothes! Definitely hoping that by April 1st there are going to be some amazing sales so I can go a little crazy :-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 4

Luckily, for the past several days (5, to be exact) I've been to busy writing an appellate brief for my legal writing class to even consider doing anything else. FML. So far so good. I have been wondering though...
1. Is using mom's Macy's card shopping? YES, I'm having a hard time trying to justify this one.
2. What if I would not so subtly insinuate that I would LIKE a particular item and in light of my predicament someone should buy it for me? Gifts are not shopping.... Of course, I'm not even suggesting that I would stoop to such a low level. Not yet.

Monday, March 2, 2009

No Shopping Day 2

Easy peasy...NYC got pummeled by a major snowstorm overnight, making it difficult to even get out of the apartment. So no shopping for me- great success!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I've decided to give up shopping for the ENTIRE month of March!! I kick myself now, I should have chosen February (3 days shorter). I don't do Lent but I thought this would be an interesting experiment...I like testing my willpower. Oh and it WILL test my willpower. Just like my mom, I hear the siren song of shopping on a daily basis. It's hard for me to walk into a store and not find something that I like and it's also hard for me to not walk into the store in the first place. So for the next 31...30 days there will be no more purchasing of clothes, shoes, or accessories :-(

As far as I can tell, this little experiment will have additional benefits. Since I won't be spending so much money on clothes anymore I am free to re-distribute the saved cash to other parts of my budget (let's assume that said budget actually exists). So now I can spend more dough on other things, such as:

1. Coffee (an extra coffee a day would be nice)
2. FOOD!
3. Booze

I'm also looking forward to thinking outside the sartorial box. I have SO many clothes and the possibilities are limitless but generally if I don't know what to wear, I'll just go out and buy something new. This is going to challenge my imagination and sense of style.

*This is a picture of my closet...It's not really representative of all I own. There's also a dresser full of clothes...clothes stored under my bed, accessories in one of my desk drawers and SHOES! In other words, it's obscene.
I will have periodic updates on this!