Sunday, November 2, 2008


Since moving to NYC I've been missing my Starbucks barista, Darrell. Seriously, the guy made the most delicious non-fat latte ever. Every morning I would go to the Starbucks on Clark and Hubbard at around 9 AM and Darrell would make the most exquisite latte...perfect ratio of espresso, milk, and foam.
There's a conveniently located B&N by school so I was super excited that I can just get my morning latte there. But woe...I've been sadly disappointed by the quality of their espresso-based beverages and the nearest Starbucks is in the opposite direction from my apartment. Fuck! Recently I've ordered a grande non-fat latte ("the usual") and both times is was severely sub-par. There was too much milk, not enough espresso, and virtually no foam. I asked the barista to add some foam and what I got was the most pathetic excuse for foam. Foam is supposed to be thick and frothy. I got something that resembles badly beaten egg whites. Gross.
I don't want to sound like a prick but's not that hard. Can't a girl get a decent drink around here?

Man Candy

As requested....Man Candy. 007 is back 11.14.2008