Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Are All The Moddles White?

The new issue of Vogue Italia features only black models in its fashion editorials and articles pertaining to black culture and art. How is it that a European magazine is so open-minded when it comes to race and American magazines are not? You’re hard-pressed to find a black or Asian model in any major fashion magazine here in the US. European designers also have a tradition of consistently casting black girls too: Yves Saint Laurent (Iman), Gianni Versace (Naomi Campbell), and Karl Lagerfeld (Kimora Lee, Chanel Iman.)

Europe is much less diverse, color-wise than the United States and yet you can find many more black and Asian models that get major campaigns and shows. I call bullshit on the American fashion industry. Stop the white-washing. The world is full of amazingly beautiful women of ALL ethnicities. We need more diversity in our magazines so as to accurately reflect the full range of human skin tone, hair color and texture, eye color and eye shape.

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Arria Marcella said...

Hurrah! Someone calling out the fashion mags for being caucasian-normative. As a white person I am offended. (