Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yes, He Can

The battle was epic. The spoils of victory are sweet. Last night, Barack Obama secured the long overdue Democratic party’s nomination for president making him the first non-white male to lead on a major party ticket. While part of me is slightly sad that Clinton did not win (would have loved to see a woman as president) I have to admit that I’m ecstatic about this. There’s finally someone who can inspire real change and breathe some fresh air into the musty American political landscape. This election cycle has been, aside from the uncalled for cheap shots and pastor controversies, about breaking down racial and sexual barriers. As early as ten years ago this was only a beautiful but possibly unattainable dream.
I’m once again proud to be a Democrat!

And for the record, I don't think that Hillary Clinton is the establishment's candidate as she has been portrayed. The establishment is a bunch of crusty white guys sitting around and smoking cigars while plotting how to continue ruling the world (conspiracy theory much?) and Hillary is anything but that. Had she won the nomination I would have voted for her without hesitation. I am dismayed at the media's egregious attack on her. For some reason the issue of sexism has not really been discussed and has been generally glossed over in favor of its more prominent cousin, racism. Both are equally bad and both should be addressed from now on. What Hillary has done here is pave the way for women in politics and in no way is this is a "defeat."

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