Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sexy- RIP

I'm over people using the word "sexy" to describe everything from underwear to abstract philosophical concepts. Blame it on Victoria’s Secret or Bret Michaels or Justin Timberlake for abusing this word to the point where it lost all its meaning. Shall we take a look at the dictionary definition of the word? Yes, let’s.

1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex, risqué.
2. sexually interesting or exciting, radiating sexuality.
3. excitingly appealing, glamorous.

Not a bad word, really, if used properly. Notice that it’s only the third and final definition that doesn’t directly relate to sex and sexuality. I think that we should restrain ourselves from using “sexy” in all contexts other than sexual ones. Lingerie and clothing can be sexy, so can a guy's musuclar back or a woman's toned legs. Those are all appropriate usages of the word. But when advertisers decide to splash the word onto every single fucking thing you can buy it's starting to get a little annoying. Likewise, when Wall Street Journal articles start using the word to describe profit increases it's time for concern.
I’m probably guilty of what I’m accusing others of doing but as of right now I’m going to think before spewing out a “sexy” tirade. Bottom line is that “sexy” is just a really lazy-ass way to describe something and that’s really, well…not sexy.

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Arria Marcella said...

I completely agree. I vow to watch my verbiage from now on. Thank you AITC for this helpful reminder!