Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Attack of the Khaki Klones

If that sounds like the name of a camp horror movie it’s because it might as well be. For some reason the climbing temperatures bring out the legions of pleat-front khaki wearing men. When walking down the street one is confronted with a veritable army of drab. Goddamn the Gap and their aggressive ad campaigns on the mid-90s in which they tried to push khakis onto EVERYONE. It seems to have really caught on with the male. I’m not opposed to the idea of khaki pants per se because they can look good if they have a flat-front and are paired with a cool linen shirt or blazer. Oh yes, and they are not wrinkled or worn with those loafers not even my grandpa would buy (my grandpa, btw, is a very stylish man who has a thing for fedoras and trench coats a la The Untouchables which he pulls off because he's part old school way of dressing)

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