Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bret Michaels Has Great Taste In Music

And now something completely different. In my constant struggle to avoid work (it takes more stamina and perseverence than one may think), I came across Bret Michaels’ list of top summer songs on People.com. It’s wonderfully bad! I mean, he fulfilled the stereotype of a stripper-loving, meathead and his choice of music in no way detracts from it.

1.Sweet Home Alabama- the only song I can actually get behind. This is in fact a classic.
2. You Shook Me All Night Long- maybe if I’m seriously sloshed
3. Anything But Mine- Kenney Chesney who? Oh right, that dude who married Renne Zelwegger for a hot minute.
4. Feels Like Tonight- Daughtry…barf
5. Cowboy- Kid Rock was last popular….never?
6. Photograph/Rockstar- Nickelback embodies everything wrong with the music business today.

On a side note, he is and was so horribly unattractive. He wasn't hot even during Poison's heyday. Give me Jon Bon Jovi anytime. And what is up with the bandana/extensions combo? Even though the guy's a total douche his show is endlessly entertaining. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Rock of Love 3 because I want to see how they're going to top Rock of Love 2 (maybe all the contestants will be strippers/porn stars?)


Arria Marcella said...

Why does Nickelback embody everything wrong with the music industry today? (I'm just ignorant and curious, not challenging that statement).

Sweet Home Alabama does have racist undertones in the lyric "I hope Neil Young will remember a southern man don't need him around anyhow." Neil Young was criticizing Southern racism , cross burning and Jim Crow laws in "Southern Man" and "Alabama."

So while I enjoy the song in many respects the lyrics do make me cringe a little. This begs the question - should political considerations affect whether a song is great?

Arria Marcella said...

I forgot to say that I am also praying for "Rock of Love 3". It may not top the hoe-down violence between Daisy and Amber but we need it after Flavor Flav dropped out of the dating reality game. "He loves his wife and baby mama." What kind of excuse is that? Who will discover the next Miss New York if not Flav?

chemskank said...

Oh I see...I never actually listened to the lyrics besides the chorus as I was always too preoccupied with throwing back shots of SoCo.

re: Nickelback. I will do a post dedicated only to how much they suck.