Monday, June 2, 2008

Bitch and the City

Sometimes I really like Sarah Jessica Parker (like when she called out Maxim magazine naming her the least attractive woman on the planet) and sometimes I really don’t. This is about the latter. She made such a big fucking deal over her SATC premiere dress. Apparently, Olivier Theyskens (creative director of Nina Ricci) assured her that her dress had never been worn before. It turns out that he was lying and that some no-name socialite wore it to the Met Ball. So what? First of all, NOBODY even remembers seeing the dress before. You’re Sarah Jessica Parker for fuck’s sake so if anyone down the line will wonder who wore that dress, most likely they’ll think of you and not some socialite. How incredibly shallow of you (not to mention that the dress was most likely free!) I held you to a higher standard and you’ve let me down.

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Arria Marcella said...

I completely agree. Shame on you, Sarah Jessica Parker!

This is actually good for her because she will get more press. Us Weekly and Ok! and Instyle will all show her and the no-name socialite next to each other with the caption "Who wore it best?" More press = more people seeing the SATC movie = more money for SJP to buy clothes...oh wait they are donated. What an ungrateful ho! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, or did you not learn that in a family of 7?