Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet Home Chicago

So Chicago ain't that bad(some people will kill me for even insinuating that there's something wrong with it). It's no New York but there are certain things in this city that make me happy and are in some ways, irreplaceable.
1. Hot baristas at Intelligentsia
2. Cherry pocket danishes on Saturdays at Selmarie
3. Laurie's Planet of Sound
4. The shops on Southport
5. Cubs games
6. Hot guys at Cubs games
7. Drinks at the Sofitel bar
8. Sweet Thang bakery
9. The outdoor patio at Laetitia's Cafe
10. Shoes at Akira
11. Guys playing volleyball at North Ave. beach
12. Montrose dog park
13. Free concerts and movies at Grant Park
14. Summer festivals
15. Coffee and cake at Julius Meinl
16. The Subterranean
17. The Music Box theater

18. The cute DJ at NorthSide Bar
19. Reading a book in Emerald City Gardens
20. Doing the RedEye Sudoku and crossword every morning
21. The Reader
22. People watching on Michigan Avenue
23. Walking around downtown on my lunch break
24. Eye sex with hot guys on the El
25. Hunting for Mies van der Rohe "Barcelona" chairs in public buildings


Arria Marcella said...

Good list! I like it very much. .

Ashley said...
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