Wednesday, May 28, 2008

8 Fun Things To Do With Toilet Seat Covers

When my face is so shiny Paris Hilton can use it as a mirror to check herself out I run for the nearest bathroom and get one of those toilet seat covers. They work wonders at soaking up all that excess oil from your face while keeping make-up intact. It’s seriously the best thing ever. How I love multi-purpose products…not only can you protect your ass from the nasty stuff in public toilets but you can also combat over-active skin glands. But that got me thinking “What else can you do with toilet seat covers?” The answers might surprise you.
1. origami
2. instant push-up bra!
3. stuff into too big shoes
4. fashion it into an avant-garde necklace and tell everyone it’s the latest thing in Paris
5. bow ties
6. hair curlers (wrap hair around and twist up)
7. write the great American novel while on the can

Some of these suggestions are more serious than others.

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Arria Marcella said...

Hahahaha this is hilarious. "write the great american novel while on the can" (has any great writer ever done that? Why not get inspiration during elimination?)and "when my face gets so shiny Paris Hilton can use it to check herself out." You are hysterical Angst in the City. Thanks for blogging!