Monday, May 19, 2008

Man Candy

I saw Iron Man for the second time in theaters. Now that doesn't happen often, I'm not about to pay 10 bucks for something that I've already seen but sometimes there are nexceptions. Actually, I wasn't all that into seeing the movie in the first place but I was totally blown away by it. Tony Stark is a great character because he treads the fine line between anti-hero and superhero. Robert Downey Jr. does such a great job at developing the character. Jon Favreau probably made the best decision when casting him because he's absolutely brilliant and believable as the boozing, womanizing, self-involved Tony Stark.
Now on to Robert Downey Jr... I had no clue this man had such a rocking body. My jaw literally dropped when he was pounding all that iron to make his suit. Good to see that he's having such a great comeback because he's no doubt one of the best actors out there.

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