Friday, January 11, 2008

Savage Love

Question that stumped Dan Savage:
"My wife and I enjoy a vigorous BDSM lifestyle and take part in some pretty heavy activities. One we haven’t tried but are anxious to is Tabasco sauce on mucous membranes, e.g., nostrils, clit, and anal tissues. Our question: what would we use to cool the burn should the application of Tabasco sauce to her anus or clit prove to be too much for her to endure? —Master & Servant"

Chemskank reply:
"Re: Tabasco sauce.The active ingredient in Tabasco is capsaicin and it's an acidic amide. It works by depolarizing the brain's neurons. Ok, so what does that mean? It f***ing stings! Milk is actually a good remedy because it has a basic pH which neutralizes acidity. Another option is lidocaine gel, which competes with the capsaicin brain receptors. Good luck."

I'm so glad my chemistry degree finally proved to be useful!
I also encourage everyone to read the Savage Love column, if you aren't already.

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