Friday, January 25, 2008

It's 3 Degrees Out...So What?

After about a week of arctic temperatures and wind chills in the negative twenties I've decided that it's about time to give Chicago weather the finger (with utmost respect.) There comes a time when complaining about the weather just won't do anymore and adding one more sweater won't make a difference (except by now you probably can't close your coat and you're waddling down the street like a penguin.) When I looked at the forecast today I almost cried with joy...daily high of 19! This seemed like a perfectly reasonable temperature to wear a dress and my regular coat (not the puffy white one that makes me look like the Michelin girl) and...NO HAT! Imagine that. Ok, I gave in and wore brown over the knee boots but I see that as a purely aesthetic decision with practical consequences because after all they go so well with my Marc Jacobs-y tan bag. Chicago winter will no longer cramp my style and I will be free to wear whatever the fuck I please.

You probably think that I was freezing my ass off and looked like a fool. Actually, quite the opposite. My body got used to this kind of weather and a little gust of wind does not even phase me anymore. Sure, people on the train this morning gave me more than one odd stare but I wasn't the one looking silly in my full-on winter gear (face masks, anyone?) As long as there's no blizzard I'm good to go for the rest of the winter which is AT LEAST 2 more months!! You know, as long as I don't get pneumonia...

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