Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Pathetic Losers"

Gothamist couldn't have said it better: "Chicago is a haunted city for most of us, what with ex-friends and ex-lovers floating around like so much litter in the gutter. Seriously, who lets these people out into the streets?" The accompanying video is hilarious, I recommend watching up to 3:30ish, before the dude takes his shirt off. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!

But leaving some poor fat loser's gyrations aside, I got to thinking about all the awkward encounters I've had with exes. Such as this past summer when my ex showed up with his new girlfriend at The Sheffield Garden Walk where he *knew* I was volunteering. That was a good time. We exchanged some snarky remarks...it was mostly him "making fun" of me for having an extensive vocabulary and my own opinions! His girlfriend in the meantime was adoringly gazing at him and keeping quiet. Which made me wonder how did I EVER let him do that to ME? I regret not keeping a similar video that he made for me at some point during our relationship because it would have been a huge hit on YouTube. All I can say is that it involved his scrawny torso and some air guitar set to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love." Just thinking about it is embarrassing...for me, that I ever dated him.

What's even more annoying, although not quite as funny, is when you run into an ex and they try to ask you out again (meaning that they try to get in your pants again.) Yeah, like that will happen. Note to all of you out there: *DO NOT* date someone that you meet at a place that you frequent often (say, like the gym...ahem)unless A. you want to stop going there or B. run the risk of running into them ALL THE TIME!

I need to move back to NYC. Stat!

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