Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adam Levine- just hot or really hot?

Ok, so I didn't want to do two "Man Candy" posts in a row today that's why I'm going to disguise this one as some music babble. Actually, part of what makes Adam Levine so hot is his music. I've been a closeted Maroon 5 fan for a while now (details of which I won't go into) but now I'm out and it feels SOOOO good. Listening to Levine's sexy voice on my way to work every morning is exactly the kind of pick me up I need before my first cup of coffee. His lyrics are enough to make me want to drop my panties. I guess what I like about him is that he's not afraid to write racy lyrics but at the same time he does it tastefully and they don't come across as vulgar. Also, any man who sings about wanting to pleasure a woman orally is OK in my book (see "Kiwi"). AMEN

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