Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Liberals v. Conservatives, Good v. Evil?

Sometimes I like reading conservative news blogs, just to remind myself (smugly) how lucky I am to be a liberal. I used to get severely upset and angry whenever I heard or read stuff like that but now I'm more than amused by their reductive rhetoric. So here are a bunch of quotes from Neal Boortz which I took the liberty to comment on

"Liberals operate from a foundation of emotion and feelings. Conservatives operate from a foundation of logic and thoughts."
Conservatives might want to double-check their facts before making any logical deductions. Logically sound arguments are not necessarily true, thoughts are not necessarily germane. Emotion and feelings such as empathy are what makes us human so making decisions not based on them renders us inhuman.

"Liberals view people in terms of their membership in groups. Conservatives view people are individuals." Conservatives also view corporations as individuals.

"The poor are not the "less fortunate." They are instead, the "more irresponsible." They put themselves there, and they drag their children into that status with them. They are the "less prepared," the "less diligent," and the "less able." They weren't unlucky. They did it to themselves."
Wow, the number of fallacies in this quote is staggering!!! Where is your foundation of logic, dude? Yes, I suppose that Paris Hilton, born in the lap of luxury, is somehow "more able" than a brilliant person born in poverty. That's not luck, it's fucking social Darwinism at work, obviously. Paris Hilton is rich because she was diligent and responsible. Hah!

Oh, and there's so much more. Unfortunately I don't have the time for it since I have to go on living my emotional, a-moral lifestyle. Sheesh

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