Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Cheer

Somehow the holidays bring out the worst in people. I strongly believe that. The events in Omaha yesterday don't really do much to disprove my theory. Sure, this kid probably had some deep-rooted issues to begin with but one can see how being bombarded with faux Christmas spirit and discount offers from electronics superstores can lead any sane person towards complete mental breakdown. There is so much pressure to be jolly and charitable that it's rather like reverse psychology. Why SHOULD I be happy? Because the nice lady on TV tells me so? Right...

A particular description from the article struck me:

"Hawkins carried out his shooting spree from the third floor of the Westroads Mall, the bullets from his rifle cutting through the sound of Christmas music as he terrorized shoppers and employees."

Bullets and Christmas music, shopping and terrorism. It's all so wonderfully absurd. Yet it's a reminder that even though our perception of reality has been temporarily suspended in a vortex of tinsel and glitter, it's still there. Life IS absurd and random, that's the scary part. It's almost like for a month and a half we all live in this supra-reality, strangely Matrix-like, in which we are completely oblivious to the world around us. Instead, we agonize over what to give to whom for Christmas.

So in the end, in the interest of making life a lot easier for all of you just buy my the David Yurman knotted chain earrings with diamond drops for a mere 500 dollars. Happy shopping!


David said...


One of the things I like the most from your country is that people somehow feel they MUST be nice. But I call that just being well educated. I have seen the media pushing people to be happy and shop a lot this holidays, but I'm not sure if that can lead to a mental illness... I mean, I do not celebrate too much Christmas, and somewhat I don't like it either (I have been alone by chance the last 3 or 4), but I'm not willing to shoot people because that. Maybe the problem is some other. Any idea?

Have a nice weekend :)

chemskank said...

That's why I feel that this is all hypocrisy. The emphasis during the holidays is on family and couples that it can definitely make depression/discontent worse, but it doesn't directly cause it. I wasn't trying to imply that Christmas made this kid shoot people, I guess it was merely a device to link the event to my general discontent with the whole situation. My point is that we've become so blindsided by unimportant things that somehow we act shocked when something like this happens. And then everyone asks "Didn't anyone see this coming?" Well, no.

P.S. Some crappy weather we have here, right?