Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You can file this one under "WHAT THE FUCK?" Yep, that is a Michael Kors "Paddle Cover" retailing for the bargain price of $101.00 (on sale from $168.00) Now you can BDSM in style. It's really convenient say, if you're on your way to a sexy rendez-vous and you need to carry your sex toys around. If anyone asks you can just say "Oh, I'm just on my way to my squash match." Right...
Now I suspect that this is not what Mr. Kors had in mind when he designed this particular product (although you never know...you've seen Proj Run, he looks like he might be quite a freak) but for those of us with really filthy minds it's quite obvious to make that connection. It's actually great to find this on, of all places, the Neiman Marcus website since it's so unintentionally hilarious. Those kinky rich broads...so THIS is what they do in the fucking Hamptons!

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