Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Fashion Trends!!!!

The Angst-y guide to Spring 2008 trends- here you'll find all the hottest trends for this season and my assessment of them.

Global- want to look like a world traveler without, you know, ACTUALLY travelling to those horrible places that require you to get malaria shots? This trend is for you. OK, so I sound a little harsh but I actually like this look. It's like urban warrior in a way- and lord knows I'm definitely an urban girl. Suburbanites need not apply. Do not mistake this for a carte blanche to douse yourself in animal prints- a little goes a long way. Pick one and stick with it. I'm a big fan of accessories like a leopard print scarf or zebra shoe. You can wear a nice khaki shirt dress with some super-high wedges and wooden jewelry for a nice take on the trend. (Dress, Topshop...soon available in the US!!)
Color- let's face it, my wardrobe needs a shot of color. I've put a ban on purchasing anything black for a while since my closet started to resemble a big black blob. Anything bright will do: pink, blue, green, orange, yellow. This is a nice departure from those horrid pastels that are so ubiquitous in the springtime. I fucking hate pastels...I ain't trying to look like the easter bunny. I like a bright dress, for example, with muted shoes. It's a nice look for going out.(MARC by Marc Jacobs Cashmere Colorblock dress: $368.00)

Gladiator Sandals- love, love, love. There's nary a shoe I met that I didn't like. I think Old Navy makes some super cute ones for like 20 bucks. They come in either flats or heels and a variety of colors so they'd work for any occassion. Perfection! (these are from Old Navy, on sale for $16.50)Word to the wise tho, do not try this if you've got short legs since the straps will just break the vertical line.

Bandage Dresses- you know, Herve Leger. Meh, no thanks...I'm not gonna stuff myself into a sausage casing anytime soon. Rihanna rocks it tho.

Star Prints- Miss Moss is again responsible for starting up a fashion trend. I think this trend is really cute and works well with dresses and tshirts. Gotta have the attitude to match! (Star Print Silk Dress at $285.00)

Wide-Legged Jeans- I have to admit that I'm a fan of this look on other people but can't work it to save my life. When done right it looks amazing but I've seen too many cute girls fall victim of the too short wide legged pant. Ugh, it's NOT pretty. Best leave this to the hipless set.

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