Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Angst Is Back...And With A Vengeance

Apparently, being smart, funny, good looking, and promiscuous is not enough for a girl to get some love in today’s world. And if the promiscuous part alone is not enough then what is?! It seems that coming with a personality is actually detrimental in the dog eat dog world of dating. On top of that, self-respect and intelligence are repulsive qualities that one must work hard at concealing. Well, I was just kidding about the promiscuous part. But the rest I totally mean.

Clearly, there is something terribly wrong with what I said above. And yet, time and time again it keeps getting re-enforced in my experiences. Now I'm not saying that I'm a model of perfection, just that I kinda have it going on and it pisses me off to be ignored for humorless, self-righteous bitches. Yeah, and when I stand up for myself I'm the one accused of treating people badly. Well, fuck that! If you play with fire you get burned. I'm not above admitting that I'm wrong (although for the most part I'm right) but when men act like they are fucking God's gift to humanity that's where I draw the line and don't offer any fucking apologies.

So here's to a better, badder me.

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