Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crimes against fasion

I spent my lunchtime musing about a post on Uggs (more like FUggs) when lo and behold, I stumbled across this article in the Daily Mail. Perfect! So not only are they a crime against fashion but also against feet.
Why would anyone want to wear something so hideous? Why would you want to make your ankles look as wide as your thighs and your feet to look misshapen? Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good outfit with those monstrosities? So many questions, hardly any answers.

I can't believe people still wear these things. It's so...2003 of them. Except unlike some trend revivals (say, 50's style dresses) Uggs were never flattering or all that cool to begin with. It seems like only yesterday every other freshman girl in college was prancing around in them, worn with denim miniskirts in 30 degree weather of course. I never understood their appeal and at 200 bucks a pair I didn't CARE to find out.

Alas, what with all the return to elegance and ladylike fashion I thought these would be banished to the Fashion Purgatory along with overalls and scuncies. But sadly it wasn't so. Although not as ubiqutous as they once were, they are still around. A favorite pairing seems to be with bootleg jeans and Northface fleece. *Barf* Don't EVEN get me started on Northface, that deserves a post of its own. But back to Uggs: the sad thing is that the stores are brimming with attractive, comfortable (yay for flats!), and affordable boots yet people still choose to buy a sheepskin cast for their feet.

I dare anyone to find a pair of Uggs on the catwalks of New York or Paris. That's right, there are none.

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