Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Formula for Disaster/Fun

Swanky venue (Cipriani's Wall St.)
Fantastic outfit
Law students

Start off with one hot vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress, add 5-inch red shoes, throw in liberal amounts of alcohol, shake and see what happens.

What you get is actually the law school semi-formal where anything and everything is possible and people do things they'd rather forget about the next day. Myself included. After about 10 glasses of champagne, 2 vodka tonics, and 2 beers it's no surprise that I managed to twist my ankle (it is now swollen) AND get kicked out of a cab in Brooklyn (still have no idea how we ended up there) AND do a few other things that are too scandalous to write about (well, not really but I'd rather not write about it). Yup, it was a good night ;-)

What will next year bring?


Dee said...

Sounds like fun!

dmarks said...

Law students and alcohol? Add sportscards to the mix, and let the hijinx and lawsuits ensue.