Thursday, July 3, 2008

How To Be A Better Voter. Also, Man Candy

I found this article by George Stephanopoulos called “How to Be a Better Voter” and briefly skimmed it. He makes some good points but the bottom line should be this: want to be a better voter? Vote DEMOCRAT. In the 8 years since we’ve had a Republican president things went from great to “oh shit, we really did it this time!!” The proof is in the shitty economy and crappy Iraq war situation. Who brought all this on? Um…that’s right, Bush and his posse of money-grubbing white geezers.

Hopefully the American public will see the current economic and political hardships as an indication that this country needs a real change when it comes to leadership.
On an unrelated note, George Stephanopoulos is a foxxx.

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